Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019


C'est sur 2 archipels cachés que s'est formée la première principauté gynarchiste. 2 archipels connus seulement des initiés et des grands de ce monde. Organisées de façon militaire, les femmes y règnent en maîtresses absolues. Depuis 30 ans déjà, la princesse régnante d'origine suédoise a mis en place un système de traite des esclaves mâles plus ou moins consentants. L'aller est toujours simple pour les hommes afin de garder le secret. Les femmes quant à elles sillonnent le monde et possèdent de nombreuses sociétés permettant à la principauté d'être l'une des plus riches sociétés secrètes du monde. Un pouvoir financier qui leur permet de résister à toute pression militaire et financière extérieure .Ceci est une fiction !!!



It is on two hidden archipielagos where the first gynarchical principality was founded. Two archipielagos only known by the initiated and the grands of this world. Organized in a military fashion, this empire is governed by Women as absolute rulers.
Already for 30 years, the reigning princess of Swedish origin has put in place a system of regime treating more or less consenting male slaves. Women pervade all areas of society and possess numerous societies allowing the principality to be one of the richest hermit kingdom in the world. A financial power that allows them to resist all military and financial pression from the outside. Unfortunately, Femdom Islands is only a fiction.


Female Domination is Reality

Basically, no legally binding contract is necessary nor would it be juridically accepted. However, female dominance is stronger than any contract whatsoever. Therefor, dominant Women all know too good that they easily can enslave submissive men by using their female power. Thus, male underlings become serfs without a will, most eager to fulfill any wish of their Female Owner whatsoever.

Female Domination is not phantasy.
Female Domination is not reality.


Samstag, 16. Februar 2019

Boots - the Weapons of a Dominant Women

There's no greater way for a man to feel inferior and humiliated than being used as footslave by a superior Woman. Sniffing her booted legs a whole day in leather boots, releasing that unique musky feminine aroma and lick them clean is the finest way to declare submission to a Lady!

The way She watches Her male slave sniffing and licking Her boots is the Female Supremacy.

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